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Established in 2011, ALKO CO., LTD.
specializes in heat sink solution
and related manufacturing service in
not only in the area of industrial inverter
& power/electronic devices,
but in the areas of telecommunications,
military defense, energy, and lighting.

With the experience of various projects, ALKO has developed its heat sink design technology and heat analysis service by simplifying the cooling development process of products and achieving optimization in a short time through its highly accurate analysis and its results with a margin of error.
In addition, our company provides the total service from product idea design to 3D printer based mockup making and mass-production. Through outsourcing to foreign partners, ALKO supplies thermal parts that are unable to be manufactured in Korea and requires price competitiveness, including Heatpipe, Vapor Chamber, Peltier and Thermal Interface material.

Our company will do the best to supply innovative and advanced cooling solution for customers.

Thank you.

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