Weight and heat sink efficiency depends on design ability.

Product design

We reflect customers’ requirements and make a design in consideration of post-processing.
We experienced the designs of small home appliances, such as lighting, medical devices, and air purifier.
By optimizing a heat sink area, we implement more light design.

Mechanical design

By reflecting customers’ requirements, we make a design in consideration of customization and mass-production.
In combination of various manufacturing technologies including press, die casting, injection, extrusion, and processing, we implement an optimized design.

Services Advantages

Advantages of Alco Design Services

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Improvements in performance and function

Through ALKO’s heat sink solution, it is possible to apply a faster and more effective heat sink system that helps to improve the performance of a device.

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Optimized design of product

By reducing the weight and volume of the heat sink system in the same output equipment, it is possible to implement light design and produce the cost saving effect.

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